Welcome to USA Sports, your premier destination for authentic, licensed sports merchandise. As a UK-based family business, we passionately cater to fans across the globe, offering a wide selection of official gear from the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, and F1. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction shines through with our same-day shipping policy across the UK, Europe, and internationally. At USA Sports, we're more than just a store—we're fans serving fans. Whether you're cheering from the stands or your living room, our products bring the spirit of the game right to your doorstep.

Jaimie Longmuir, Managing Director of USA Sports - “Before USA Sports, I didn’t start with the intention of establishing a business. It was more about making US sport merchandise available for fans like me, at an affordable price, and without the custom charges.

There was never a definitive plan to grow a business - it happened organically thanks to amazing customers, fantastic staff, and A LOT of hard work.

I became interested in US sports in the '90s when I used to watch the NFL Highlight Show on Saturday Mornings on Channel 4. I also stayed up all night on Super Bowl Sunday every year, going to school extremely tired the next day I have been a passionate US sports fan since my teenage years, supporting teams across the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB.

I wouldn’t say I'm a fan of any specific teams. However, I do have soft spots for the LA Lakers, LA Kings, Toronto Blue Jays, and the Las Vegas Raiders. Instead, I love watching exciting games and talented sports stars perform at their best - my favourites include Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Wayne Gretzky.

I have to say I’ve been a lucky sports fan - I watched the Dallas Cowboys Dynasty win 3 Super Bowls in 4 years, before watching the Brady and Belichick Patriots Dynasty take over. I fell in love with the NBA watching the Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls dominate the league, then following the MLB and watching the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs break their World Series curses!

My passion for sports led me to a job in professional Ice Hockey. I never thought an opportunity existed where I could merge my passion and work life, however, one meeting and a series of chance encounters led me on an incredible journey that continues today - let me give you a rundown.


My retail journey began after I bought a mixed bag of US merchandise samples for £200 that I went on to sell at small pop-up shop events. More pop-up shop events meant I needed more stock and we decided to design and launch our first online store. 

Selling online was great, but storing and dispatching all the products from my spare bedroom was convenient, yes, but also challenging. I had to find alternative premises after my wife and I found out that we would be having our first child together - or should I say children - triplet boys were on the way.

Don’t let ‘alternative premises’ fool you into thinking we moved into something big and fancy - I built a large shed in the garden for the new business venture and thought this would do for a few years.


I was sending all the parcels to customers via my local post office which was fine, but as the numbers grew I felt bad holding up the queue on a daily basis. The business had officially outgrown my shed and it was time to acquire our first premises - an empty office space above a bookmakers in North Shields, Newcastle.

Lots of space and perfect for what we needed at the time, we also decided to hire our first members of staff and I’m pleased to say that our first ever member of staff remains with us today.


The business continued to grow online, but we also increased the number of pop-up events. We quickly realised we needed a warehouse alongside our office, moving again! (which was a shame as it was really handy for the local Greggs.

We moved into our first warehouse in Wallsend which gave us ample room to grow, or so we thought. We grew faster than expected and had to take the small warehouse next door as we launched our first shopping centre pop-up shops.


Surprise, surprise - we continued to grow and needed a LARGER warehouse! The new space allowed us to scale up our digital and events operations. The first 5 years of the business saw us staging events at Wembley Stadium for the Jacksonville Jaguars, shopping centre pop-ups across the majority of cities in the UK, even setting up our first international event in Frankfurt, Germany.


COVID-19 and Brexit introduced much tougher times for USA Sports, something felt by businesses across the country. We, as a company, had to grow, and evolve, showing resilience during a hard period for industry in general. We were truly grateful to receive the continued support of our amazing and loyal customers.


The continued evolution of the business led to the opening of our first EU warehouse in Nedeweert, in the Netherlands. Continuing to provide the best possible service for our customers in the EU was a priority for us! Following lockdowns, events restarted across the UK and we launched our first ever exclusive product in collaboration with New Era - Storm Beanies and Caps.


The business (shock) moved out of its Wallsend warehouse and into a new office and warehouse accommodation in North Shields - back to our roots. The new units provide a platform not just for further growth, but to give our staff an environment to be creative and help the business be the best it can be.

In 2013 I was the only employee, performing every role - marketing, buying, event planning, dispatch - from my spare bedroom and shed, to us now employing brilliantly talented permanent staff members, as well as temporary events staff. We continue to grow our team alongside the business. 

So, there's a short (ish) summary of the last 10 years of business - there have been ups and downs, as there are on most journeys, if we make a mistake (which does happen on occasion) we always take responsibility and do our best to resolve the situation - so our customers can have confidence in us, knowing we are authentic in all we do.

We have lots of new and exciting developments coming in the future as we continue growing awareness and exposure for the USA Sports brand - the journey continues!

Thanks for reading,